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Seattle Web Design Projects
Web Development:

Kyle Charvat Foundation - Event Registration

Another successful Seattle Web Design project is soon to be launched! The project consists of a full featured ecommerce website complete with a modern jquery slider, social media integration and even a WordPress blog. We are excited for our clients future success! Tags: Seattle ecommerce web design, Seattle web design

Website design appeal matters more then ever.  But a redesign can be a longer process then the original design process especially if much content is involved.  So, with tight budgets in this economic climate we suggest a mini-face lift.  A mini-face lift is adding design elements to the existing layout rather then reorganizing the whole [...]

ManicPanic Website slideshow goes live! .... here are the results:

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PBW Content Management System Demo in Seattle
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PBW SEO services:

 85% of qualified Internet traffic is generated through search engines. 75% of searchers never look further than page 1.

- Georgia Institute of Technology

Top search engine rankings are essential to the success of your business on the Internet. is in the business of making websites make money. We specialize in increasing the traffic to your website by increasing your position in the top search engine rankings. Our search engine placement experts work diligently with you to meet and exceed your company's marketing needs.

Our professional SEO experts work with you to make your site content enriched and search engine friendly - this will increase your search engine rankings. Only then will you find that your site stays in the top ten of the search engine rankings for the long-term.

Search Engine Rankings = Keyword Research & Link Popularity
We optimize websites around heavily searched-for terms that relate to your business, selected only after careful research and discussion with you. In addition, we will get you listed on other sites by doing research and finding out which sites are good candidates for reciprocal links. Here’s why links are important: Every major crawler-based search engine uses link analysis as part of their ranking algorithms. This is done because it’s very difficult for webmasters to "fake" good links, in the way they might try to spam search engines by manipulating the words on their web pages. As a result, link analysis gives search engines a useful means of determining which pages are good for particular topics. The more meaningful and relevant links you have - the higher your search engine rankings will be.

By building links, you can help improve how well your pages do in link analysis systems. The key is understanding that link analysis is not just about "popularity." It's not an issue of getting lots of links from just any website. You only want links from good web pages that are related to the topics you want to be found for. That is why we always build a "Links" page for your website and approach other websites in order to get you listed on their sites. This will help drive traffic from their sites and also improve your standings in search engines.



Search Engine optimization >> What we do to increase your organic rankings:

» Comprehensive Research on the key word and key phrases
» Market study on competitors’ website
» Content Optimization
» Insertion of meta tags and keywords
» Advance site optimization like alt tag at images, textual links etc.
» Submission on relevant search engines.
» Reciprocal link campaigning.
» Comprehensive report on the search submission with search engine rank for 6 months.
» Re-submission to search engines every 3 months.


SEO Friendly Web Design

SEO Friendly Web Design is our Competitive Advantage. Here is the issue: many search engines do not index application script URLs properly - this includes .NET, .php, .asp script files and the sometimes long string of nonsensical text that accompanies them in the address bar. Many content management systems and eCommerce products use their base script URLs however, since search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important part of our business, we have implemented search engine friendly URL generation in the development of our applications - this includes both CMS and eCommerce products. These modules are referred to as DSEFU - or Dynamic Search Engine Friendly Urls. They provide URLs that are relevant to the page content and friendly to both search engines and also for humans to read. Our CMS DSEFU module (part of the baseline CMS product) allows the administrator to customize the URL to whatever they want, or let the system create a search engine friendly url for you based on the title used for the content.

So, when you choose Point B Web for your project you get the best of both worlds. Your site will be dynamic and easy to manage via the CMS web admin and will have search engine friendly URLs like a static page site to help boost the rankings of every page, section and product on your site.  

SEO Friendly Web Design is our Competitive Advantage

Our whole web design and development system was designed from the ground up to be Search engine friendly. Our CMS and ecommerce applications do not create unfriendly urls like:  This matters because search engines score your site (page ranking) by reading your page name, key words and the first part of the page text and then gives your page score.  You can help increase your score by creating search engine friendly urls and other little things that add up to a better position in the search engine. Our websites allow you to easily create new pages with seo friendly web pages and you can also add meta-tag information and keywords for each page, product and section of your website by filling in a few form fields, no opening and editing a bunch of html pages!

Which comes first SEO Web Design or Search Engine Marketing (SEM-SEO)

The most successful websites have a SEO strategy at the beginning of the project. We are one of the few web design firms that makes SEO an important factor in your success. We know this is just as important as a professional design. We also put our money where our mouth is and have developed systems specifically geared toward SEO and SEM success.  You may have the most  beautiful or coolest web site but  if it is not getting fully indexed by search engines you will never get good rankings in the search engines and the traffic a successful website needs.

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